Vision:  To assist in stress and pain relief through touch to encourage self-healing, restoration and regeneration.

Mission:   To foster connection through touch, awareness, and example of individual capacity for self healing.


I was drawn to massage therapy because, as a cancer survivor and through multiple family health events, I know first hand the power of touch and the body’s amazing ability to heal itself.  I studied abroad in an intensive, accelerated program in a small mountain town on the Pacific Ocean coast in Costa Rica.  Honestly if my people and animals would have come with me there I may never have come back.  But since southern Illinois/Indiana are home…I am here to share my amazing journey, skills, and knowledge.  I believe strongly in the benefits of massage therapy and encourage you to get a regular treatment…if not from me then somewhere!

Did you Know?…

You have the right to proof of qualifications including education and professional affiliations and the scope and limitations of discipline, the limitations of and contraindications for massage and bodywork and referral to appropriate healthcare professionals.

You have the right to refuse, modify or terminate treatment regardless of prior consent given.

You have the right to be treated fairly and without discrimination.

You have the right to safety, comfort, privacy and respect of your boundaries with regard to privacy, disclosure, exposure, emotional expression, beliefs and a reasonable expectation of professional behavior.

You have the right to make informed healthcare choices.

You have the right to confidentiality of your identity and information in all conversations, advertisements, and any and all other matters unless disclosure of identifiable information is requested by you in writing, is medically necessary, or is required by law.

You have the responsibility to honor all policies

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